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Can Crochet Hooks be taken on an Airplane?

Your about to travel & there is no way you can go without a crochet project or two! Especially to fill the time within the airport & during the flight. Can crochet hooks be taken on an airplane? Recently me & Mr.S did some travelling which happened to cover both international long haul (Sao Paulo to France) & two short hauls (France to England & Manchester to Marrakech). All of these flights covered 3 different airlines including Air France, Flybe & Ryanair in January 2020.

Before travelling I did alot of research on google & on each of the airlines I was to travel on. The last thing I wanted was to get through customs to have my percious crochet hooks confiscated! From my research I found little information regarding crochet only knitting, which seemed to be mixed. Some allowing while others regarding the pointed needles as a danger. As crochet hooks have a rounded point I though it would be difficult to register them as a danger (I am sure your keys could do much more damage).

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Scissors seemed to be a ‘No’ in general unless under 6cm in length fromthe point. As my scissors are special to me, I did not want to take the chance as some airlines allowed yet others didn’t. Plus I was covering 2 seperate airlines in 24 hours. I also left my crochet tapestry needles in my hook case which went into the checked luggage as they are sharp & I was unsure if they would be taken away. Research done I filled up my project bag with yarn & crochet projects to do during our travels.

Check in for the long haul flight was easy. At the desk for Air France I asked ‘can crochet hooks be taken on an airplane?’ they said it would be ok as long as I had no scissors. Customs check went fine with no problems, that during our long flight I managed to crochet for a moment or two with the help of Pod.

Can crochet hooks be taken on a airplane - long haul flight - Moara Crochet
Crocheting with the help of Pod on Airfrance

For both short haul flights I had no problem with my crochet project bag. Security checks for Flybe was simple with no problems. While the Ryanair from Marrakech had a total of 4 security checks to go through before boarding, with the final one having my bags opened & check (which was done for every single passenger).

Can Crochet on Ryanair - Moara Crochet
Crocheting on Ryanair
  • Crochet hooks – Allowed as tip is rounded & not listed as a danger (although if in worry, please do check with your Airline)
  • Scissors – Allowed on most airlines if under 6cm from blade to tip. (If you know you really don’t need them put them in your hold luggage).
  • Tapestry Needle – Seemed to be allowed (I would only take if you know you really need it, if not leave it in your hold luggage).
  • Yarn – Of course, any of your choice.
Can you Crochet on a flight with Moara Crochet Blog

Crocheting while I wait for our plane to board in Marrakech.

Can you crochet on an plane - blog Moara Crochet (2)

So next time you are taking a flight pack your crochet project bag to continue your crafty skills both in the airport & in the air!



Can Crochet on a Airplane - Moara Crochet


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I hope my advice & tips have been helpful. If you have any advice & would like to share, please write it for everyone to enjoy in the comments section below.

Love, Roseanna.

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