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Crochet Cherry Blossom | Free Crochet Pattern

For week eight we are going to make Crochet Cherry Blossom flowers. Cherry blossoms have a very special connection to my childhood. I remember walking to school as a young child with my mum & stopping to look at a beautiful Cherry Blossom tree. I wanted to pick a few flowers to give to my teacher but I could not reach. An elderly gentlemen passed & helped me pick a small branch filled with blooms to give my teacher, that small kind act has stayed with me all my life that when I see Cherry Blossoms I am reminded of him. Later on I was lucky to live next to a street lined with Cherry Blossom trees & the 3 weeks they were in bloom was always worth the wait for the spectacular display of blooms, to falling petals & finally rose pink snow.

This is the eighth pattern in a series of FREE CROCHET FLOWER patterns I have & will be sharing with you as many of us stay at home through the coming days & weeks.

Cherry Blossom Pattern - Moara Crochet

My free Crochet Cherry Blossom pattern is written below with a simple step by step written photo tutorial or if you prefer a video tutorial, I have also made a Youtube video.


  • 2 meters lace or fingering weight pink yarn per flower
  • 1 meter lace weight green yarn
  • 1 meter lace weight dark pink yarn
  • Matching crochet hook to your yarn I have used a 2.2mm for the flower & a 1.25 for the stigma motif
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Gauge: N/A. Use the smallest crochet hook you can with your chosen yarn to create tight stitches, this will help your petals keep the form & not flop.

Size: For the flower I doubled my lace yarn & used a 2.2mm crochet hook to make 2.5cm flowers & a smaller 1.25mm crochet hook with the lace yarn for the stigma motif.

Notes: I would suggest doubling the yarn for the flower & using a single strand for the stigma motif to ensure a contrast in size of the two parts. The flowers are worked in the round. The central motif is also worked in the round the attached to the centre of the crochet blossom flower.

How to make a Crochet Cherry Blossom

Row 1: Using 2 strands of yarn together. Make a magic circle, ch 3, 4dc into the centre of the magic circle,

Flower - Row 1 - Moara Crochet

sl st into the first dc NOT THE CH3. Total: 5 stitches.

Flower - Row 1b - Moara Crochet

Row 2: Ch3 (count as a dc), dc puff stitch in the same stitch, ch3, sl st into the same stitch,

Flower - Row 2 - Moara Crochet

*(sl st into the next st, ch3, dc puff stitch, ch3, sl st into the same stitch)* repeat * 3 times. Fasten off & weave in your ends. Total 5petals.

Flower - Row 2b - Moara Crochet


Row 1: Green Yarn Make a magic circle, ch1, 10sc into the centre, sl st into the first sc. Pull the circle shut. Fasten off & weave in the ends. Total: 10sc.

Stigma - Row 1 - Moara Crochet

Row 2: Attach your contrasting yarn to any st. Ch2, sl st into 1st chain, *sl st into the next st, picot (chain 2, sl st into 1st ch)* repeat * 8 times, sl st into the first st, Fasten off tie in one end & leave a long tail 30cm. Total: 10 picots.

Stigma - Row 2 - Moara Crochet

Using the long tail sew the stigma to the centre of the Crochet Cherry Blossom flower.

Blossom Flower - Moara Crochet

Crochet Flower Buds

Crochet Flower Bud Pattern - Moara Crochet

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Free Crochet Flowers from Moara Crochet

Congratulations you have made your Crochet Cherry Blossom Flowers. I would love to see you crochet creations, please tag me on @moara_crochet on Instagram to share your work.



Free Crochet Flower Pattern - Blossom - Moara Crochet


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