Crochet Conscious - DIY Sustainble Fashion wiith Moara Crochet

Crochet Conscious | Sustainable Fashion

With shops filled to the brim with cheap affordable ‘Fast Fashion’ clothing, it is hard to not give in sometimes. To help reduce our waste in our home I decided to set myself a challenge of crochet recycling. I wanted to try and recreate a crochet mixed fibre top I had seen on Pinterest.  This also feel into my belief of Crochet Conscious, in which we can help the planet with our crochet skills through carefully thinking about the garments we make while also using right natural materials. So instead of throwing away my Mr M’s vest, which had somehow shrunk in our cold washing machine I decided to give it a new lease of life. At the same time I had just finished my new crochet design & I had 1 ½ balls of the most gorgeous denim blue cotton yarn waiting to be used. Two birds with one stone, right?

Crochet Conscious Top Inspiration Moara Crochet

So here is the inspiration, the t-shirt material does looked washed out and used like Mr M’s vest.

Crochet Recycling Clothing with Moara Crochet

Here is my starting materials, Mr M’s vest some gorgeous denim yarn from Circulo.

Once I had cut out the panel I needed, I started by creating half a crochet mandala using this pattern.

Crochet Conscious Mandala T-shirt in progress with Moara Crochet

Once this was done I added some free form crochet to connect the back and front panels together and finally added a simple shoulder and collar.

Crochet Recycling Moara Crochet

And here is the end the result of my first attempt at crochet recycling. I hope you like what I have done my fabric is a little longer than I wanted maybe I shall shorted this. But overall I am really pleased as now I have a funky new top to add to my wardrobe! Have you recycled your clothing with crochet before? I would love to see your work simple add the hashtag #crochetconscious on Instagram.

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