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Crochet Daffodil Flower| Free Crochet Pattern

Today I am going to share with you how to make a Crochet Daffodil. It only seemed correct to create a crochet flower with links to my grandad, as I have already made the Crochet Hydrangea in memory of my nana. Daffodils are the true sign of Spring for me. As they are the first flowers which shout with their trumpet forms that the weather is getting warmer. The bright yellows tones just make you want to smile & somehow that always reminds me of my grandad. He always liked bright, strong coloured flowered in his garden, as he would say ‘It cheered the garden up’. I think right now as many of us are still on lockdown & maybe for many more months it seemed appropriate to make a crochet flower that would ‘Cheer us up’.

This is the ninth pattern in a series of FREE CROCHET FLOWER patterns I have & will be sharing with you as many of us stay at home through the coming days & weeks.

Daffodil Crochet Pattern - Moara Crochet

My free Crochet Daffodil pattern is written below with a simple step by step written photo tutorial or if you prefer a video tutorial, I have also made a Youtube video.


  • 4 meters white yarn
  • 2 meters yellow yarn
  • Matching crochet hook to your yarn I have used a 2.5mm
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors

Gauge: N/A. Use the smallest crochet hook you can with your chosen yarn to create tight stitches, this will help your petals keep the form & not flop.

Size: For my flowers I have used a 2.5mm hook with lace weight yarn creating a crochet daffodil flower of 4cm diameter.

Notes: The flower is worked in the round with the petals made first. The centre yellow trumpet is added to the first row of the flower using fpdc.

Crochet Stitches

To make my crochet daffodil you will be using a few advanced crochet stitches including: Treble Crochet (tr), Double Treble Crochet (Dtr) and Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC). If you are unsure of any of these stitches there is not need to worry as I have made easy to follow crochet stitch videos for you below. Click on any button & you will go to the crochet stitch tutorial.

How to make a Crochet Daffodil Flower

Row 1: Yellow yarn. Make a magic circle, ch 3, 11dc into the centre of the magic circle, sl st into the first ch3. Fasten off & weave in your ends. Total: 12dc.

Row 1 - Moara Crochet

Row 2: Attach White yarn *[(Ch2, dc, tr, dtr in the same stitch), (tr, dc, ch2, sl st into the same st), sl st in the next two stitches] * repeat * twice,

ch 2 around the back of the petal, skip 2 sts, sl st, *[(Ch2, dc, tr, dtr in the same stitch), (tr, dc, ch2, sl st into the same st), sl st in the next two stitches] * repeat * twice, (Ch2, dc, tr, dtr in the same stitch), (tr, dc, ch2, sl st into the same st), sl st into the first st. Fasten off & weave in your ends. Total: 6 petals.

Centre Flower

Row 1: Yellow Yarn To create the fluted centre we will crochet around the front post of the first row of the flower to make centre stand out. Attach your yarn to any post as shown below, ch3 (count as the first dc), fpdc in each stitch, sl st into the first dc. Total: 12 fpdc.

Row 2: *[ picot (ch2, sl st into the second from the hook), sl st, sl st] * repeat * 5 times. Fasten off & weave in the ends. Total: 6 picots.

Row 3b - Moara Crochet

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Free Crochet Flower Patterns - Daffodil - Moara Crochet

Congratulations you have made your Crochet Daffodil Flower. I would love to see you crochet creations, please tag me on @moara_crochet on Instagram to share your work.



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  8. Hi i have made the daffodil could you say how to attach the stem please is it just glued on the back many thanks

    1. Hi
      I have also completed the daffodil. It turned out beautifully but like Carol could I please get the instructions on attaching the stem.
      Thanks Sylvia

      1. Thank you Sylvia & Carol for your comments I will try to make some extra time to add more detailed instructions for the stem addition.

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