Crochet Hamsa

The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima symbol crosses many continents & religions. An open right hand which is believed to deflect the evil eye, while also giving power & strength. I have had a lifelong love of this beautiful symbol & over the years I have acquired many amulets & jewellery with the Hasma. It only seemed natural for me to evolve this passion into crochet form.

For those of you who like me have a love for the hand of Fatima I have created my own crochet pattern as shown to the right. I also have many projects in the making over the next few months with this beautiful symbol incorporated into various garments, including a long crochet skirt, crochet top plus a crochet scarf.

Want to buy a Crochet Hamsa pattern, simply click HERE.

Crochet hamsa Pattern by Moara Crochet