Crochet Home

Create elegant crochet accessories for your home with my new range of crochet patterns for the home. Unique crochet designs for your home incorporating natural elements such as shells and beads which are inspired by traditional designs from Indonesia, Peru & Turkey. Step away from the shop bought and create something truly special and beautiful with your own hands.

This is a new collection started this year with lots of designs in the making to be released soon, including crochet cushions, blankets & baskets.

Through my crochet for the home patterns I aim to fill the gap for those who want to progress beyond the beginner level of crochet and go onto something more challenging. Each of my patterns are written with clear step by step crochet instructions, which include highly detailed photos and instructions to help you progress onto this next level of crochet.

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Crochet for the home patterns designed by Moara Crochet