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Crochet Summer Flowers

It is officially Summer! I wanted to start this season with a round up of my Summer free crochet flowers. Start the summer season with a bouquet of bursting colourful crochet flowers for your home, yourself or as a special gift. Below is a quick video with all the Summer flowers for you to view.

Below is a round up of 9 FREE CROCHET FLOWER patterns which are perfect for summer. All of these flowers have been inspired from flowers from my home town England and tropical flowers we have here in Brazil.

Free Crochet Summer Flower Patterns - Moara Crochet

The Queen of all the flowers has to be the Rose. A must in nearly every English garden. Make yours in any colour of your choice, perfect for scrap busting. I love to keep my Roses in traditional dusty pastel colours. Make your Crochet Rose pattern HERE.

Crochet Rose - Little helping Hands - Moara Crochet

Who does not love a tall standing Sunflower? These tall majestic flowers tower over us like the sun, making us smile at the marvel of nature. Capture these wonderful blooms with my Crochet Sunflower Pattern and bring the sunshine indoors.

Free Crochet Flower Patterns - Sunflower Pattern - Moara Crochet

One of my all time favourites from England is the wonderful heavy heads of blooming Hydrangeas, filled with hundreds of tiny flowers. This is one of my most special crochet flower patterns that I created in memory of my wonderful Nana. Make your Crochet Hydrangea Flowers HERE, these make a beautiful brooch.

Free Crochet Flower Pattern - Hydrangea from Moara Crochet

Poppies are a magical flower filled with so much detail and depth. A flower which always makes me smile, as you will find wild Poppies in places you never expect and they are always a welcome surpise. Capture these gorgeous flowers, with my easy to follow Crochet Poppy Flower HERE.

Crochet Poppy Flower Pattern by Moara Crochet

The biggest bloomers of the Summer with their never-ending rows of soft pastel petals. I love Peony flowers and how they often need support, as the blooms are so filled and heavy. Make your own Crochet Peony with my Free Crochet pattern to capture these gorgeous flowers.

Early mornings are welcomed with these beautiful little blue trumpet flowers. One of the few blue flowers, Morning Glory flowers welcome the warm summer days with a beautiful open bloom. Make your own Crochet Morning Glory Flower HERE with the tutorial for both the flower and the heart leaves.

Free Crochet Flower Pattern - Morning Glory Flower with Moara Crochet

To me this is one of the best tropical flowers. I love the uniformity of these beautiful Frangipani flowers. When a tree is in season, it is a marvel to see. When the flowers fall from the tree they gently float down gracefully to the grounds. Make your tropical Frangipani Flowers with my Free Pattern.

Crochet Frangipani Flower Pattern - Moara Crochet

Calla Lily is a both graceful and a show stopper. A flower which last weeks and fills you with graceful beauty. This is a bloom which has many meanings from peace, love, birth and a sign of respect for death. Free Crochet Calla Lily pattern HERE.

Arum Lily Free crochet pattern - Moara Crochet

Dahlias are one of the colourful flowers of the summer seasons. Coming in many shapes and sizes and always filled with colour! Make your own Crochet Dahlia Flower with my easy to follow free crochet pattern.

Crochet Dahlia- Moara Crochet

The Thistle is th national symbol for Scotland, a country filled with charm, history and beauty. With the bursting flower heads these are one of the most structural flowers of the summer adding variety and contrast in any bouquet. Free Crochet Thistle Pattern HERE.

Free Crochet Flower Patterns from Moara Crochet - Crochet Thistle

Finally, no bouquet is ever complete without some beautiful foliage. There I am adding my Crochet Eucalyptus pattern to this collection. Foliage like no other with the most beautiful and delicate round leaves.

I hope you have enjoyed my round up of my Summer Free Crochet Flowers. I would love to see you crochet creations, please tag me on @moara_crochet on Instagram to share your work.

Crochet Summer Flower Patterns - Moara Crochet



Free Crochet Summer Flowers - Moara Crochet



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  1. Beautiful flowers. All the colors together are lovely. Would love to see them in a pattern book by you.

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