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Crochet Wedding Dress | Crochet Conscious

This year I stopped all my projects to work exclusively on one of the most special projects I have ever done. I made a crochet wedding dress for someone very special to our family as our wedding gift. The question was first put to me earlier in the year, if I would be happy to make ‘the dress’. Of course I was very flattered to be asked to create a crochet item which was so important, but at the same time I was terrified. I had never created a project of such importance or scale, the biggest project I had made was a baby blanket.

Angelinhas Wedding Dress in the Making Moara Crochet

So over the first few months me & Angelina discussed ideas, designs & colours. I wanted to create a beautiful wedding dress for the day, but I also wanted to give an item which could be used again on other occasions. Therefore encompassing my Crochet Conscious ethos, crochet items having more than one use.  Finally we decided to create the Everlasting Crochet Wedding Dress from Annie’s Crochet which has a beautiful classic design but also has a square train, which I could later remove from the dress after the wedding to be used as a either a shawl or light blanket. While the dress could be used as a long summer crochet dress in the future.

Crochet Wedding Dress - Crochet Conscious - Moara Crochet

As the time came closer I blocked off a whole 2 months to create this simply gorgeous crochet wedding dress. I would love to tell you it came together in the first try but after doing some gauge testing I still got it very wrong. My first panel was too long so it was back to the drawing board. So a few adjustments were made but when the second trail fit came, the panel was too short.

Crochet Wedding Dress Gift - Moara Crochet

So third times a charm & we finally got there! It was a demanding project, as I was constantly worried that my work would not be liked, fit or the dress would be too heavy. When we got to the third & final fit just a few weeks before the wedding, all my worries lifted as I saw how beautiful Angelina looked & her smile. Mr S. looked at me said ‘Well done, Boba. It’s beautiful’, I felt so proud to have created a crochet garment which will be filled with some many memories for many people & something that was created through pure love for someone special in our life. Here are some photos of the beautiful bride & husband on their special day renewing their vows.

Crochet Wedding Dress made by Moara Crochet

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