Crochet Yarn Review

Looking for new crochet yarn for your next project? Or maybe your ready to try the world of finer yarns. Here are some of the yarns I have tried & tested for crochet clothing for both the summer & winter season. All of these yarns are perfect for those of us with sensitive skin & are Lanolin free. Below I share with you a collection yarns with many created from small independent yarn companies, who specialise in traditional skills of yarn making from natural products such as cotton, flax, alpaca & paper. 

Lamana is a German based independent yarn company who create the softest most luxurious aplace yarns sourced from Peru, which are perfect for the colder time of year. My Free Crochet Fingerless gloves pattern are made with Lamana Piura. Read more HERE.

Made from small family run mills in Japan this yarn is infused with tradition, skill & beauty. A beautiful fine yarn that can be used with a large range of hook sizes to create the most beautiful crochet items. Read more HERE.

Made from a mix of recycled linen & pure linen then twisted & dyed by specialist in Italy this is the most heavenly yarn I have every used. Soft and cool against the skin which will only get better with each wash. Read more HERE.