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Easy Crochet Bookmark – Free Pattern

If you still need to make a last-minute handmade gift, today I am showing you how to make my easy crochet bookmark. Ok this is not all crochet, some sewing skills are required but I think the end results are worth mixing two skills to create a crochet bookmark like no other you have seen before.

I originally saw this idea on-line in embroidery a few weeks ago. I loved the idea that I wanted to make my own twist on it with crochet. For this project you will need to have some experience using a small crochet hook and fine thread yarn – or this could be the perfect opportunity to push your crochet skills onto the next level.

You will need a few supplies including some felt fabric, thread yarn and a crochet hook plus a sewing machine if you have one to hand – although you could very easily do this by hand stitching.

Crochet Bookmark - Free pattern Moara Crochet

These gorgeous little crochet bookmarks are so easy to make. I made a whole collection to gift to my loved ones this year.

For this pattern you choose any of my Free crochet patterns – ideally ones which are 2D as the bookmark needs to be flat. I have used a mix of my Ivy leaf, Ginkgo Leaf, Eucalyptus Stem and my Hydrangea Flower. My crochet Cherry Blossoms would work very well too.

Love crocheting flowers? I have a huge selection of crochet flower patterns, each with step by step written photo instructions and Youtube tutorials. Try my other Crochet Flower patterns HERE.

Free Crochet Rose Pattern - Moara Crocht


  • Thread yarn of your choice for you desired motif
  • Smallest crochet hook you can use to your yarn – I made my motifs with 1.25mm crochet hook
  • Fat quarter of felt fabric
  • Set square
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching cotton thread for your felt
  • 15cm embroidery hoop

Gauge: N/A

Size: Bookmark – 12 x 12 cm triangle.

Notes: The crochet motifs are made individually then sewn onto the bookmark. The bookmark is made from 2 right angled triangles sewn together.

Crochet Bookmark free pattern with Moara Crochet

I have also made a quick 1 minute Youtube tutorial of this easy DIY Christmas Gift, click on the link below to watch the tutorial on my Youtube Channel.

How to Make A Crochet Bookmark - youtube Moara Crochet

Easy Crochet Bookmark Tutorial

Step 1: Make a crochet motif of your choosing – it must be smaller than 5cm diameter to fit onto the bookmark.

Step 2: Using the set square mark out a 12cm x 12 cm corner, next join the two remaining points to create a right-angled triangle. Make two with at least a 5cm distance.

Bookmark step 2

Step 3: Cut the fabric leaving the triangle in the center – you need to leave a lot of fabric around the marking to place the fabric into the embroidery hoop.

Step 4: Place the fabric onto an embroidery hoop, sew the motif(s) onto the triangle, ensure space is left around the edges to sew the two triangles together.

Step 5: Sew along the long edge 1/2 cm from the line, repeat for the back triangle. Now cut out the triangles.

Step 6

Step 6: Pin the two triangles together with the motif on top, sew along the two unsew edges 1/2 cm from the edge.

How to Crochet a bookmark with Moara Crochet

Now your crochet bookmark is complete. I hop you have enjoyed this little tutorial.

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Free Crochet Bookmark Pattern - Moara Crochet.com


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