Free Crochet Granny Squares

Welcome to my collection of Free Crochet Granny Squares. The square is the iconic motif or symbol of crochet. It is most likely the one of the first things we learn when we venture into our crochet journey. They are versatile and satisfying pieces to make, as you can make them individually then piece them together to create a huge range of crochet items from the classic afghan blanket, coats, cushions to scarves.

Within one square you have hundreds of possibilities to make the pattern your own, in the choice of colours and yarn fibers you use. This makes the Granny Square in my opinion the most versatile pattern in the crochet world.

Below you will find my collection of Free Patterns, each one includes a written step by step photo tutorial and Youtube video to help you create your own crochet granny squares. I would love to see your work, please tag me on Instagram with your creations.

Rose Granny Square

Inspired by blooming roses from an English garden. Make a flower crochet granny square with the Queen all the flowers. Click HERE FOR FREE PATTERN.

Triangle Bunting

Inspired from the original granny square. This crochet triangle granny pattern is perfect to make re-usable bunting. Click HERE FOR FREE PATTERN.

Inspired from a Spring Daffodil I have created a Crochet Granny Square from my original Crochet flower at your request. Click HERE FOR FREE PATTERN.

Granny Scarf

Blooming flower 70’s inspired granny square. Choose how many colours you want to add to create your own style. Click HERE FOR FREE PATTERN.

Pin Cushion

Made with lace thread this beautiful delicate granny square creates the most gorgeous little handmade pin cushion. Click HERE FOR FREE PATTERN.

Tudor Rose

The Tudor Rose is the national Flower symbol of England, with the joining of both the white and red Rose.Click HERE FOR FREE PATTERN.