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Minimalist Wardrobe List | Spring

With the start of spring I wanted to set myself a challenge to create a minimalist wardrobe list, to be more conscious through the clothing I wear and use. Over the past year I have been reading a lot about the minimalist wardrobe and came across the concept of ‘333 More is Less’ from Courtney Carver. In a nut shell Courtney sets you a task you live with 33 items for 3 months of the year. Through this process your stress of what to wear will each morning be resolved. You will think more consciously about the items you buy through choosing high quality fabrics and timeless designs, which overall gives you the experience that you are wearing the clothes you love and most of all, which are truly you.

My overall aim for this process was to align my values of thinking and living within my wardrobe, ‘quality over quantity and less is more’. The initial process of going through each clothing piece made me evaluate what I have, what I need and what is truly me. Just clearing my wardrobe I realized I more than 30% of my clothing is white or cream which is the colour I feel most comfortable and happy in. For now I have folded away all my other clothes and put them away, as many of the items I have I love and have been with me many many years. I am not a shopaholic but was brought up with belief of buy quality to last. Also living with very sensitive skin naturally each piece I buy has to be carefully considered, as this is going to be in contact with my skin all day therefore it must be made of natural materials either cotton or linen. Once the 3 months is over I will revaluate what I have and decide what I am going to keep, donate or repurpose.

My second aim through this challenge is to show you how you can wear my crochet designs with a variety of outfit’s not just the one outfit you see from my initial photoshoot, but how to use my designs day by day. When creating my designs I try to create crochet clothing which is Crochet Conscious. Crochet clothing that has a real purpose, which can be used in a variety of ways and become a timeless piece within your wardrobe. Designs you can wear throughout many seasons and you will love to wear year after year.

Minimalist Wardobe List - Spring Mood Board - Moara Crochet

Before I chose my 33 items I decided on a colour pallet, as I wanted everything to work together. I decided to choose the colours which were clearly my favourite from my initial sweep through of my wardrobe. Colours which suit my skin tone and make me feel happy when I am wearing them – whites / creams, tans & browns, greens and indigo blues. Most importantly of all I am being me, my style and what works for my body shape. I am not a small, I have big legs and I have had a child so I have a little mummy tummy and in the words of my nana ‘I have fat knees’ which I have been told I should never show. A lot of my trousers are wide leg as I find this is the most flattering for my shape and comfortable but I will also have some shorts in the ensemble for the high temperatures to come, even against the words of my nana, but it can be 30+ daily towards to summer.  

For my basics I have also invested in a few new key pieces which are ethically made, sustainably sourced from ateliers in Sao Paulo (Atelier Jezebel | Manui | Maria Tangerina), and previously owned items which have been with me a long time or are second hand pieces.

Atelier Jezebel - Sustainable Fashion
Handmade Clothing from Atelier Jezebel

I have reduced my minimalist wardrobe list down to 33 key pieces which include 10 of my crochet designs (6 already available plus 4 new designs which are coming soon), 14 staple clothing pieces which we all have in our wardrobe to show you how you can mix and match your crochet clothing, 4 pairs of shoes (mainly sandals as the weather is warm here all year round), a scarf, one belt and 3 handbags. I have not included my jewellery in this list as all the jewellery I wear is worn everyday.

My Minimalist Wardrobe List


  • Burnt orange wide legged trousers
  • White linen wide legged trousers
  • Green wide legged trousers
  • Boot cut jeans
  • Linen cullots
  • Khaki shorts
  • White linen dress
  • Burnt orange dress
  • Linen dungarees
  • Oat linen tank top
  • Orange cami top
  • Shibori T-shirt
  • Classic button down cream shirt
  • Favourite ‘old faithful’ blue jeans shirt
  • Navy cotton jacket I picked un in the sale years ago which I love but hardly wear
Minialist Wardrobe List - Moara Crochet patterns - Spring

If you would like to any of my crochet designs they are available in my ETSY, LOVE CROCHET & RAVELRY stores.

Crochet Designs

  • Long cream Sophia crochet skirt – Coming soon
  • Knee length Sophia crochet skirt
  • Evil Eye tunic – Coming soon
  • Juliana tunic – Coming soon
  • Monsoon tunic
  • Aurelia top
  • Evil Eye Hoody – Coming soon
  • Boho cardigan
  • Kiara Kimono
  • Evil Eye Scarf – Coming soon

Shoes & Accessories

  • Brown flats
  • Navy flats
  • Wooden heels (also great for walking)
  • Navy wedged heels
  • Cord Belt which can also be used as a necklace
  • Pouch bag
  • Bali straw circle bag
  • Moroccan tooled leather saddle bag.

I will be sharing the outfits I create via my Instagram account and I will write an update blog post after the first 30 days. I would love it if you could join me in this challenge and use the hashtag #Moara333 to share how you are wearing your Moara Crochet Designs.



Crochet Minimalist Wardrobe List - Spring with Moara Crochet


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