Venturing into the world of creating crochet kids patterns, has been one my biggest joys when I became a mother. Creating a dress from a simple ball of yarn for my little one is a special process, filled with love, care and skill. Below you will find of collection of all my crochet kids patterns including dresses, jumpers, cardigans and crochet toys which your little ones will love.

Beautiful bohemian designs which are both practical & comfortable are the foundation for my children’s crochet patterns. Crochet clothing which is designed for each season ranging from light airy crochet tops, elegant spring & summer crochet dresses as well as warm autumnal crochet jumpers, cardigans & hats are available.

Within each of my children’s crochet patterns I use traditional crochet techniques such as granny squares or a crochet mandala and I incorporated them into my own unique, modern designs. Which are elegant, classic yet also whimsical.

Through my designs I aim to fill the gap for those who want to progress beyond the beginner level of crochet and go onto something more challenging. Each of my patterns are written with clear step by step crochet instructions, which include highly detailed photos and instructions to help you progress onto this next level of crochet.

One of the aims in crocheting toys for my little one was to change the plastic cold toy (which was creating so much waste and would still be polluting on our precious planet for many years after use) to a warm tactile object which was child safe and washable. I hope you enjoy this collection of patterns. Each of my crochet PDFs comes with a step by step written photo tutorial to help you create your crochet item.

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