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Crochet with Lamana Yarns

Over the last year I have done a lot of crochet with Lamana yarns alpaca range, including both the Cusi & Piura yarns. I first came into contact with their yarns at my friends gorgeous yarn shop while living in Germany. Lamana is a relativity new yarn lable from Bielefeld, Germany who specialize in Peruvian yarns. The quality of the yarns is exquisite & they ensure fair production process with an awareness to sustainability while creating yarns of the hight quailty . They make the softest baby alpaca yarn I have ever found (plus no lanolin, so perfect if you suffer from eczema like me) & the yarns come in a huge range of earthy, vibrant colours.

Crochet with Lamana Yarns - Moara Crochet

At first I was a little scared to use the yarns as both the yarns I had chosen were lace weight. I had only crocheted with cotton yarn this fine, using precious baby alpaca needed to be saved for something very special. I wanted to create some beautiful crochet items which I would love year after year to fullfill my Crochet Conscious concept. As the cooler months arrived I finally decided I was ready to crochet with Lamana yarns.

Crochet with Lamana Yarns Free Crochet Fingerless Mitten Pattern - Moara Crochet

For each of my crochet projects I doubled the yarn using the same yarn or a mix with both the Piura & Cusi. Together they created a fabric which would be warm enough for an English winter. When crocheting, if I made a mistake the yarn was easy to frog with no knots between the yarn.

To start I set myself a challenge to create a set of crochet wrist warmers with just one ball of Piura. I was very impressed to see how far one little ball would go! My crochet knit like wrist warmers were made in a few hours & I added a little embroidery to finish them off. I am really pleased with how well these turned out, that I had to make a second pair in navy blue. Get my FREE crochet pattern here.

Free Crochet Fingerless Gloves Moara Crochet

Inspired by my crochet leaf soap saver, I created another set of crochet fingerless gloves with cream Piura yarn using a different stitch to create a slightly thicker fabric. Get the pattern here.

Crochet with Lamana Yarns - Leaf gloves Moara Crochet

Now I wanted to try something bigger & decided to make a new winter scarf for both me & Mr.S. For these projects I wanted to add a bit more luxury so I used a mix of Piura & Cusi together. The combination of these two yarns created a fabric as soft as cashmere. The aplaca yarn hold heat very well so also kept lovely and warm during our visits to the cold Christmas markets. Even thou I had doubled the yarn my scarf & wrist warmers, were both thinner & lighter than a wool equivalent. Taking up much less room in my bag when not in use.

Free Crochet Pattern Moss Stitch - Moara Crochet

Aboves is the Moss Stitch Scarf I made for Mr.S which he used everyday during our travels. Make your own with my free crochet pattern. The yarns have a beautiful sheen which did not fade during the season. Plus the crochet fabric did not pile once.

Crochet Scarf with Moara Crochet

Here I am wearing my crochet hasma scarf during our trip to Marrakech. I love the contrast of the burnt orange against the creamy white. I wore mt scarf everyday throughout the winter in England & it has not piled once. Now I have packed away all our winter items but I know in a few months when we need them again they will be perfect for another season & many more!

Want to to try some of Lamana Yarns for your for your next crochet project? Click on there website HERE to see their amazing collection of yarns including wool, aplaca & mohair blends. If you have crochet with Lamana Yarns I would love to see you creations.

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