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Crochet with Studio Linen from Erika Knight

As the weather warms up it officially becomes crochet season. Now is the ‘traditional’ time that people turn to crochet & leave the knit packed away for the colder months. Before you start your next crochet project I would like to introduce you to Studio Linen yarn by Erika Knight. This is one of the most gorgeous, silky & soft summer yarns I have ever used. Plus on top of all of these fabulous qualities, this yarn is eco- friendly.

Studio Linen Yarn by Erika Knight
Studio Linen Erika Knight – Milk

Like most of my yarns they get bought in the UK, then await for my return to visit home or are brought over in someone’s suitcase when they visit. I really wish we had the same variety & price as many of you can get in Europe. Once I finally got my hands on this yarn (which I had bought over 6 months before) I realized this yarn was like nothing else I had ever tried. Studio linen is a mix of recycled rayon linen blended with premium natural linen creating a durable, soft, lustrous yarn with the most beautiful drape. The yarn is created using eco-friendly methods then twisted & dyed by a specialist in Biella Italy.

I wanted to create a beautiful item of crochet clothing which I would love year after year to full fill my Crochet Conscious concept. My original plan for the yarn quickly went out the window as I realized I wanted to create an item of clothing with crochet stitches that would compliment the yarn fibre.

Linen Crochet Top Pattern - Moara Crochet

Once I had created my design it was time to sample my idea. The linen yarn arrives as hank which I had to wind by hand, as I don’t have a winder yet but I think that should be on a future Christmas list. The process of de-hanking this yarn into a ball was pure joy, as the touch of the natural linen yarn on my skin was cool & seamless. As a lifelong sufferer of eczema with dry skin & often red rashes over my hands I am very sensitive to fibres & to find something like this was dream.

Crochet Top Patterns from Moara Crochet

My Aurelia crochet top quickly worked up as the stitches glided off the hook. I am really happy I choose a crochet pineapple motif to show this yarn off to its full potential. My top is the perfect addition to a summer breezy day, drapes over the body beautifully & is so so soft, which will get softer with each wash over the many years ahead.

If you would like to make my Aurelia Crochet Top, it is available in my ETSY, LOVE CROCHET & RAVELRY stores.

Aurelia Crochet Tunic Pattern - Moara Crochet

Now I have a few small hanks left with another FREE CROCHET PATTERN in the making coming soon.

Want to try Studio Linen yarn for your next crochet project? Buy HERE for the USA, or HERE for ENGLAND to see the beautiful subtle colour tones available. If you have crochet with Erika Knights Studio Linen I would love to see you creations.

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