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As many of you know, Brazil is the 2nd worst hit country by Covid-19 in the world. It continues to spread throughout this country & cause devastation to some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities. Since the current right winged government came into power in 2019, Brazil’s native tribal communities have had to fight for their lands due to deforestation for cattle ranching. Thousands of archers were burned, killing flora & fauna plus endangering the way of life of native Brazilians. I live 2840km from the Amazon in Santos but I remember the day our city turned black due to the fire smoke.

Amazon Burning Overflight
CANDEIRAS DO JAMARI, RORAIMA, BRAZIL: Aerial view of a large burned area in the city of Candeiras do Jamari in the state of Rondonia. (Photo: Victor Moriyama / Greenpeace)

Now less than 12 months on the same tribes are fighting against Covid-19, as well as the continuation of deforestation. Without help for charities outside of their communities these sacred tribes are at risk of becoming extinct.

We are facing extermination’: Brazil losing a generation of indigenous leaders to Covid-19

Amazon Tribes- Little Girl

Let’s make a difference together. From today 22nd June – 1st July I am donating 100% of the sales from my Etsy shop to Frente de Ajuda Aldeia Cipiá which is helping to support the indigenous community of Cipiá situated on the River Negro in Manaus within the Amazon. Each $1 is converted to R$5 which can buy a bag if rice or beans here in Brazil.

Order any pattern now & help the indigenous tribes of Brazil

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  1. Olá tudo bem?
    Primeiramente gostaria de parabenizar pelos seus trabalhos, são muito bonitos e inspiradores.
    Adoro crochet e todos os trabalhos manuais.
    Gostaria de deixar aqui registrado, uma pequena indignação a respeito desse seu posicionamento da nossa politica. O governo de Direita sempre fez pelos indígenas, muito mais, que qualquer outro governo.
    Você deve estar equivocada em relação a esse assunto, a midia é extremamente de esquerda e tudo que se passa no Brasil não e verdadeiramente compreendido devido a imprensa militante.
    Aconselho que procure outras fontes de informações mais confiáveis.
    grande beijo com admiração

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