Eco Friendly Crochet Patterns

In this collection of Eco Friendly Crochet Patterns, I aim to help in reducing our use of plastic & waste. Being more conscious of how we live is an aspect of life which has become more prominent over the last few years.  In this collection of Free Patterns, I share with you simple everyday items that we can crochet, which can reduce the footprint on our precious delicate planet.

Each of my free patterns below include a step by step written photo tutorial & a Youtube video to help you. I would love to see your finished creations, please tag me on Instagram.

Pocket Market Bag

Reduce the need for plastic shopping bags with reusable bags. This was my one of my frist eco friendly crochet patterns. A strong lightweight crochet bag which can reduce down to a small circle, perfect for your pocket! Click HERE for Free Pattern

Soap Saver

Enjoy your soap for longer with my Crochet Soap Saver pattern. This is one of my top Eco friendly patterns as it make a elegant addition to your bathroom, plus a beautiful gift. Click HERE for Free Pattern

Montessori Toy

Swap the plastic toys for handmade realisitic crochet Montessori toys. A warm tactile food toy which will help teach your little one where food comes from. Click HERE for Free Pattern

Jasmine Dish Cloth

Who said dish cloths have to be ugly, bright yellow and full of plastic? I designed this cloth to be practicle, plastic free & also a beautiful addition to your daily washing routine. Made with the beautiful Jasmine stitch, this is cloth like no other. Click HERE for Free Pattern

Nursing Necklace

A plastic free nursing necklace, made with natural materials for your little one to enjoy playing with as you nurse. Mine helped my little one from pulling my hair while feeding. Click HERE for Free Pattern

Furoshiki Bag

Upcycle an old piece of cloth & turn it into a zero waste Japanese Furoshiki bag with my free easy crochet bag handle pattern. HERE for Free Pattern

Reusable Face Pads

Swap the cotton pads for reusable crochet face pads which can be used time and time again. A simple quick easy crochet pattern which has a textured design on one side to gently exfoliate your skin. This is an ideal scrap busting project. Click HERE for Free Pattern

Cup Coasters

Protect your tables to last longer reducing waste of furniture with some handmade crochet coasters. A simple square pattern embellished with crochet embroidery. Click HERE for Free Pattern


Look after your tables and ceramics with a crochet placemat. Inspired by traditional rattan placemats this quick simple crochet project will add some chic to your table.HERE for Free Pattern